Transfer Direct

Enrollment for International Transfer Students

Transfer Direct, designed specifically for international transfer students, takes the guesswork out of the university transfer process and puts students on a fast track toward getting a US university degree

A simple, streamlined, and personalized experience for international transfer students, Transfer Direct from Shorelight offers:
  • Value through expertise – Dedicated, expert Shorelight advisors support and work with students to determine their best-fit transfer universities, reviewing both past qualifications and future goals.
  • Fast admissions decisions – Compared to the standard admissions process, Shorelight offers short wait times for students to determine next steps.
  • Full transparency – Students receive customized course recommendations with clear guidance about which credits are eligible to transfer and which enrollment paths lead to the shortest path to graduation.

Transfer services are designed to support students from any location, with dedicated transfer advising for all regions.

How it Works

  1. Complete your Gonzaga application and submit your postsecondary transcripts from all institutions previously attended.
  2. Along with your conditional offer, our admissions team will provide a Preliminary Credit Assessment outlining the coursework that is estimated to be transferable to Gonzaga.
  3. Meet with your recruiter to discuss the Preliminary Credit Assessment and to learn more about the transfer student experience at Gonzaga.
  4. Submit course descriptions and/or course syllabi and final, official postsecondary transcripts to your Student Success Coordinator and have your previous coursework officially evaluated by Gonzaga prior to campus arrival.
  5. Once all postsecondary academic documents have been reviewed, our team will help you register for your new courses!

Transfer Admission Requirements

For applicants with less than 30 postsecondary semester credits, GPA is calculated from accredited secondary institutions, or equivalent and postsecondary institutions. For applicants with 30 or more postsecondary semester credits, GPA is calculated from accredited postsecondary institutions.
Admission Requirements
International Direct
Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher and must be in good academic standing at their previous institution
Academic Accelerator Program
Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher and must be in good academic standing at their previous institution
Extended Accelerator Program
Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher and must be in good academic standing at their previous institution

English Requirements

Students must meet Gonzaga’s English-language proficiency requirements in order to be eligible for Transfer Direct. Transfer applicants can qualify for English-language proficiency waivers based upon qualifying postsecondary criteria.

“At Gonzaga University, we acknowledge the various pathways students take in pursuit of their higher education goals. You started your undergraduate journey in your own unique way – now let Gonzaga help you accomplish it.”

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Am I considered a transfer student at Gonzaga Global?

Students who have graduated from high school or international equivalent and have enrolled in college coursework following high school graduation are considered transfer students at Gonzaga Global. Students who completed college credit coursework at the same time as completing their high school diploma or international equivalent (including AP and IB exams) are considered first-year students with potential transfer credit.

What is a Preliminary Credit Assessment?
A Preliminary Credit Assessment is an unofficial review of your postsecondary coursework completed during the admission process. It identifies the courses that are likely to transfer to Gonzaga and how many estimated credits you are likely to receive. The assessment can be completed based upon unofficial transcripts, including ungraded, in-progress coursework. Applicants will receive their Preliminary Credit Assessment within one week of receiving their conditional offer letter.

An official transfer credit evaluation is completed by the Office of Admissions after you have been admitted. Official transcripts are required for this process. For credit to be considered to meet major-specific requirements, curriculum evaluation is required.

What kind of postsecondary credit is accepted for transfer?

Gonzaga accepts academic postsecondary coursework from institutions that are US regionally accredited, or the international equivalent with an earned grade of C or above.

There isn’t a maximum number of credits that can transfer from four-year institutions or equivalent. Students can transfer a maximum of 64 semester credits from two-year institutions or equivalent. Students must complete 30 semester credits in residence at Gonzaga. You can find courses that have previously been accepted by Gonzaga through TES.

Will my AP, IB, A/AS-Levels, etc. be accepted for transfer credit?

Gonzaga accepts Advanced Placement (AP), Cambridge International A/AS Levels, German Abitur (Zeugnis der Allgemeinen Hochschulreife), and International Baccalaureate (IB) for credit where students show proficiency by earning at least the minimum accepted score. You can find more information online about subjects and minimum scores accepted for AP, A/AS Levels, German Abitur, and IB.

How do I send my AP, IB, or A/AS Level scores to Gonzaga?

You can order your scores to be sent directly to Gonzaga.
Order your AP exams here. Use Gonzaga CEEB code 4330.
Order your IB results here.
Order your A/AS results here.

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