Campus Life

At Gonzaga, you can access the support you need to engage in a rewarding student experience personally, academically and professionally.
Engage in inspiring community work with your fellow students through the Center for Community Engagement. Discover potential job opportunities through Career Treks or by participating in career fairs. As a Zag, you are part of a diverse and inclusive global community, a welcoming and safe place where you can confidently pursue your future goals.

Spokane, Washington

The Gonzaga University campus offers you a fully equipped and supportive environment where you can grow personally and professionally, with access to countless opportunities in Washington.


Average temperature:
6°C in winter, 28°C in summer

Key industries:
Tech, health care, agriculture, forestry, mining, manufacturing, finance, government

Housing & Dining Options

Our students have choices when it comes to housing and dining. We offer a variety of options, so it’s easy to choose one that best suits your needs and budget.

“When working with diverse students, I learned to be adaptable and flexible. This enables me to work with people who come from different backgrounds and have different working styles. I have become so much more confident in my English and have better cultural understanding.”

Ngoc Ba Bao Nguyen, Vietnam

ESL Program

Gonzaga University

#83 National Universities

7,500+ total enrollment

4% international students

Pacific Northwest mid-sized city

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